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Who We Are

Lone Star Veterinary Academy was founded for the Texas veterinary community by a Texas veterinarian.Not from Texas? Don't worry, our state has room to welcome everyone. We provide premium veterinary CE in a warm, welcoming setting. At each of our one-and-a-half-day, weekend programs, you can network with your friends and colleagues together in a single room. We’ll bring the nation’s best educators to you, without the need to travel long distances, navigate giant convention centers, or worry about overflow rooms.

We’ll meet four times per year, and you’ll have the chance to earn nine to ten continuing education hours each weekend. Register for an annual membership to access up to 40 CE hours, or choose which events you’d like to attend. Each weekend, our educators will share diagnostic, treatment, prognostic, and other practical advice in their single area of expertise. Engage through round table discussions, case studies, and Q&A sessions. You’ll go home ready to tackle complicated problems like never before – be it meningitis, client retention, or compassion fatigue. Love exhibitors? We’ll have them. Want coffee during breaks? You got it. Snacks? Of course! Breakfast and lunch will be provided too! We’ve crafted a hassle-free experience with all the inclusions you enjoy. Learning with us is not just practical, it’s fun.

CE Beyond Your Expectations

Our 2019 CE programs will feature internal medicine subjects like neurology, hepatic, pancreatic, and GI disease, and breed-specific disorders. Then, we’ll finish the year with a critically important course. Plan to attend November 16-17 to learn how to battle compassion fatigue, manage your mind, set boundaries, practice better self-care, and start living your best life. We all need this program! To view course dates and detailed program information, click here.
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Our Mission

Lone Star Veterinary Academy delivers world-class continuing education to veterinary professionals in the heart of Texas, through focused, short courses, delivered by nationally acclaimed speakers. Lone Star Veterinary Academy also improves the lives of animals in Texas through donations granted to rescues, non-profit veterinary service centers, emergency relief efforts and the like.  

“I think the seminar was well worth attending. I’m really thankful to all the hard work and dedication put in by everyone involved. I definitely feel more confident in my clinical neurology.”

Lone Star Veterinary Academy Attendee

“I really liked the small setting. More opportunities to ask questions to the speaker... Less overwhelming than larger conferences.” 

Lone Star Veterinary Academy Attendee

“No long lines! Seminar in same building as hotel. Great job! Great cookies! Great organization!” 

Lone Star Veterinary Academy Attendee

Lone Star Veterinary Academy gives back!

We will donate 10% of every registration fee to animal welfare organizations in Texas. These may include animal shelters, angel funds, non-profit veterinary service centers, emergency relief, or others. We know how hard every veterinarian works to better the lives of animals, and we want to reflect the giving spirit of Texas vets! If you’d like to recommend an organization, please contact us.

Interested? Don’t hesitate! Space is limited, so that we may keep our members’ experience comfortable, engaging, and stress-free.