Jenni Rizzo, DVM


Hello! Thank you for visiting our site! If this is the first time you’ve heard of Lone Star Vet Academy, I am so glad you found us. Reach out to me anytime if you have questions or want to know more. If you’re a frequent visitor, thank you for being a part of our happy community!

Since you’ve likely come to this page wondering “who’s in charge”, allow me to share a little about myself. I graduated from Kansas State University in 2012 and moved to Texas the day after graduation. Since 2012, I have practiced emergency, primary care, and shelter medicine in both Texas and Florida.  I have also served as an Executive Board Member on the Board of the American Heartworm Society since 2016. Through the AHS, I founded and maintain the AHS Student Liaison Program.

I founded Lone Star Veterinary Academy, because I wasn’t satisfied the types of continuing education events I have attended in the past. It bothers me to get stuck in an overflow room, to wait in line behind hundreds of people for every activity, or to have to walk a marathon to get from one lecture to the next. As an introvert or should I say, IntroVet?), the thought of scooting down narrow isles in a crowded lecture hall can be overwhelming! My goal in starting Lone Star Veterinary Academy was to create comfortable community for other IntroVets like me! We also love when extroverts attend and take some of the pressure off of us to ask questions.

It’s my hope that we’re creating an experience that’s more productive, less stressful, and gives learners the tools they need to help a subject stick. Now several years into planning these programs, we’re humbled by the way our team and our community has grown, and we still LOVE making events that are as fun and educational as they are cozy!

I couldn’t find the energy to balance so many projects if not for my husband, Jared, and four family dogs. In our free time, we love to spend our time hiking, traveling, sitting on the back porch, or taking trips to the beach. Say hi to Jared at our next in-person conference! He’s there at every event working behind the scenes to ensure everyone’s happy, relaxed, and well fed.

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Pistol Pete

Chief Executive Dog

Pistol Pete is a Black Mouth Cur mix and is Dr. Rizzo’s right-hand man. She may think she’s in charge, but he really gives the barking orders at this office. Pistol Pete was rescued by a Good Samaritan as a tiny, starving puppy in 2013. He made a heroic recovery after several nights in the hospital and has been stealing hearts ever since. He loves going to work every day and meeting new people. His jobs include: licking stamps, office doorbell, emotional support, and social media influencer. You can follow Pistol Pete on Instagram @lonestar_vetacademy , or on facebook @lonestarvetacademy.

Michelle Popilek

Michelle Popilek

Chief Event Strategist

Michelle Popilek has worked in the veterinary industry for over 10 years. She has had the opportunity to experience the industry on many levels. She started in non profit and moved on to manage multiple hospitals as well as managed a 10 year project of breed specific research and content development.

She started in this field for the same reason we all do – the pets! Along the way, she fell in love with the people. She believes that animal care providers are a unique group of people who deserve industry specific support. Michelle pursued the new Brave Space Certification through the AVMA in 2021.

“When we create environments for people to be themselves we attract more talent and diversity to the industry. When we feel accepted, it is easier for us to be open about struggles we may be experiencing. I became Brave Space Certified through the AVMA and a member of PrideVMC to be part of the solution. With Dr. Rizzo’s support, I am excited to work with LSVA in creating more forward thinking, safe space events chalked full of valuable CE. I appreciate LSVA’s commitment to inclusivity.”

Currently, Michelle serves as the Practice Manager for an AAHA Accredited hospital in Texas and serves as the Chief Event Strategist for LSVA.

“Veterinary CE is an area of high investment that could be leveraged better as a support avenue. It is my perception that CE conferences are geared toward sales opportunities for the large vendors. If we shifted gears and concentrated on creating a safe learning environment to be shared with like minded animal care givers, we could better support the humans who carry the field. As a Practice Manager, I love nothing more than to see my team return from CE refreshed, focused and EXCITED!”

Michelle fills her own cup kayaking with her husband and caring for their 3 sons. She has 3 dogs and has fostered a number of animals that we won’t post publicly 🙂


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Meet the Event Coordinators

Each program requires extensive commitment and planning. When you attend an LSVA weekend, you’ll meet several wonderful people who help ensure the program runs smoothly!

Jared Rizzo

Jared Rizzo, Dr. Rizzo’s husband, helps with moderating and works behind the scenes throughout the year on any and all projects. Kassi M. is our resident social media extraordinaire! Joe N, Amanda M, and others, assist with logistics, photography, and organization each weekend, to ensure guests are welcomed with a smooth check in process, have their questions answered, and receive everything they need. We’re grateful to have their support!

Christian Powell

Christian Powell, Christian Powell Web Design, designed our website is wonderful for answering all of our technical questions. She continually updates and improves our site, to ensure it meets the needs of our growing community.