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Lone Star Veterinary Academy Announces Chagas and Heartworm Disease Virtual Veterinary Conference

Lone Star Veterinary Academy is pleased to announce a practical and interactive virtual veterinary conference, “Don’t Break my Heart – What’s New, Different and Important in Heartworm and Chagas Disease”. LSVA invites all veterinarians and veterinary technicians to attend live, December 5 and 6, 2020, for thoughtful discussion and eye-opening new information. 

Dog face with client testimonial

In this two day veterinary CE, Drs Clarke Atkins and Steve Jones will review the latest breakthroughs in heartworm prevention, testing, and treatment, share jaw-dropping pathology images, and explain best practices for treating and preventing heartworm on any budget. Dr. Roy Madigan, who holds the first and only patent for a drug to treat Chagas disease, will teach attendees everything they need to know, to identify and eliminate this deadly parasite. Veterinary Conference participants will be among the first to hear about a newly developed medication to kill the parasite Trypanosoma cruzi.

Attendees will earn 11 hours veterinary CE and enjoy care packages delivered directly to their door. Veterinarians can also look forward both to mindful discussion and the occasional cheesy joke from LSVA’s personable and expert educators.

Though COVID-19 has left many veterinary conferences struggling to adapt to pandemic-friendly options, LSVA’s programs have always been close-knit and highly interactive, allowing them to easily adapt. As a veterinarian-owned small business, Lone Star Veterinary Academy was one of the first conferences to jump from in-person to online learning, when the need became clear. LSVA veterinary CE programs are low-stress – with no confusing apps to download, unlimited time for questions and discussion, and support available around the clock.  

All you need is a cozy spot and an internet connection – the Lone Star team will take care of everything else. On behalf of everyone at LSVA, we hope to see you online this December 5 and 6. Please reach out or visit for more information.


Lone Star Veterinary Academy offers boutique veterinary conferences that specialize in providing first-class customer service, internationally respected educators, and thoughtful personal touches. Lone Star Veterinary Academy was founded in 2018 by Jenni Rizzo, a veterinarian and self-described introvert, who found the busy and crowded nature of traditional conferences to be a difficult learning environment. To date, LSVA has served veterinarians and technicians from all 50 US States plus 48 countries. Dr. Rizzo and LSVA believe veterinary professionals deserve to be treated with the same level of care and attention they give to patients and their humans every day. 

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