Pupdate: A Message from the Chief Executive Dog

As you may already know, Pistol Pete, Chief Executive Dog, is Lone Star Veterinary Academy’s most valued team member! He keeps up with all the most important jobs around the office, like stamp licking, delivery alerts, and posing for official photos. This New Year, we asked Pistol Pete what he’s most looking forward to in 2021.

Pistol Pete on a Zoom CallPistol Pete’s Most Anticipated Moments of 2021:

  • More working from home! There’s no place like home, and Petey can’t wait to reprise his role as official foot warmer for every 2021 virtual veterinary CE.
  • Adding his special touch to every goodie bag and care package. That’s not dog hair, that’s puppy glitter!
  • Meeting other Lone Star Veterinary Academy members in person. Petey can’t wait to welcome everyone back to our in-person veterinary conferences this July and December! He promises to deliver first class service. Will accept belly rubs in return.

Visit our Upcoming Events Page to learn about each upcoming veterinary conference and webinar, then make plans to earn CE with Pistol Pete and LSVA all year long!

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