Ignite and Lone Star: Bringing Your Weekend CE Home

What is Ignite Veterinary Solutions?

Ignite Veterinary Solutions is an online community of veterinary professionals. Ignite gives members access to talk directly with specialists and peers, to share resources and advice. Ignite currently hosts over 10,000 subscribers. Ignite users can access group discussions, organized by subject/specialty, by logging onto the platform with their computers or through a mobile app.

How will we use Ignite?

Ignite Workplace functions just like a Facebook® group, but better. Each of our programs utilizes a private group page within Ignite to share course materials, interesting articles and resources about the subject material, and to connect you directly with the speaker and one another! Only the speaker and veterinarians who attend this program will be able to see our group page and post. Our goal is that no one go home with a question unanswered or problem unsolved. We want to support you in ways that a typical conference never would.

“Our goal is that no one go home with a question unanswered or problem unsolved.”

When you register for an LSVA program, you’ll gain access to your LSVA page inside Ignite Workplace approximately 1-2 weeks prior to the event. There you will find helpful information about the weekend, travel advice, and more.

  • During the program, we may use the page to post live polling questions
    or to share interesting cases between attendees.
  • After the program, attendees can use the page to clarify any questions
    they may have about the course, ask about cases they see when they return
    to practice, or just get to know each other.
  • Users can upload and download all types of documents from the page –
    images, video, PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, and others.

How do I log in to the group page?

Once you have registered for an LSVA program, you will receive an email invitation from Ignite 1-2 weeks prior to your scheduled CE event with instructions for how to log in. If you do not receive your invitation, or have difficulty logging in, please email us.

How long will I have access to the group page?

Each attendee will have access to the page for approximately 6 weeks – 2 weeks prior to the program, and 30 days after.

Where can I learn more about Ignite?

You can view a flyer here. You can also visit their website: https://www.ignitevet.com/.